Arab Economic News - Arabic Teaser

 Arab Economic News is a unique Application, innovated by the Editor in chief, Mrs. Violette Ghazal Balaa.
AEN is a modern media platform, which targets the economic sector and its various branches in Lebanon and 
around the world. 
It is a simple, free-of-charge application, which can be downloaded on smartphones (Android & Apple). 
Our aim is to keep you abreast of the latest developments in economic performance by highlighting the 
hottest issues, interviewing experts, and covering the various activities and events in this sector. 
In parallel, and based on our thirty years of experience in the fields of politics and economics, we offer a 
package of services, which makes this smart application the first-of-its-kind in Lebanon and the region.
At the content level, we strive to excel in presenting economic news in a modern setting compatible with 
top-notch technologies so that our “followers” can express their economic, social, and daily life concerns. 
Arab Economic News is a new voice in the economic world of media through which we hope to make a real 

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